When you want to invest in quality drone technology, one of the biggest issues that you are likely to come up against is cost. Drones are often hard to gauge with regards to their price mechanisms. For example, a good quality drone could be bought for under $100. However, by the same token, you could spend multiples of that and end up with a drone that you hate! That is why we recommend that if you are looking to get involved in drone tech for the first time that you try the following models. Each of these drone models comes with a very impressive array of features, each one allowing the drone to work exactly as it should without any issue. It’s not only going to help you make the most of your drone needs, but it will ensure that you can avoid spending an excess of money when better value options exist. So, where do we recommend that you start out your search?

Eachine E58 Drone


Fully Wi-Fi equipped and with a high-quality wide-angle HD camera, the Eachine E58 makes an excellent place to start. It’s a high-quality model that comes with a very impressive high hold mode, ensuring that you can easily snapshot from a distance and from an angle.
Easily controlled and managed by just about anyone, too, this offers 1080p quality shots that you can snap without any issue. You’ll get everything that you need in the package to ensure that you can take off into the skies and enjoy yourself. Easy to charge, set-up, and start using as soon as you feel that you are ready to.

Some of the features:

✔️ Two cameras can choose
✔️ Wifi APP compatible
✔️ One key return
✔️ Stable flying and easy control
✔️ Durable resistance
✔️ Small, very easy to carry  

SG106 Drone


This model is a must-have for anyone who is looking for a cool, creative drone that can do all of the basics. It is capable of taking 4K quality snapshots whilst also filming at 720p and 1080p quality. It’s got a stylish dual camera that offers real-time aerial shots. If you need a solution to sit above your business and act as a security solution, for example, this should be just what you are looking for.
Easy to use and very much the ideal choice for those who are in need of a bit of extra visibility. It’s also great for standard RC entertainment, making a wonderful little toy to take into the skies. Perfect for beginners and fledgling RC-pilots.

Some of the features:

✔️ Wide Angle camera is tuned amazingly to capture stunning pictures and videos from the sky
✔️ Stable flight
✔️  wonderful. photography
✔️ Smart follow
✔️ .4GHz Technology Adopted for Anti-Interference
✔️ stable flying and be easy to control  

SG106 Ultra HD


If you want an improvement on the above, then you should take a look at this SG106 HD option. It’s easily controlled using Wi-Fi, and it also works using a solid 720p/1080p camera for both snapshots and video shots. It has a long battery life, and can easily be controlled by using the app that is provided.

This allows you to have a dual-camera drone for a fraction of the price that you would normally pay. Not only should it give you easy control over your in-air photography, but it should really help with mastering your photography over time from new angles.

Some of the features:

✔️ Long battery life
✔️ Dual cameras
✔️ HD Camera
✔️ Smart follows
✔️ .APP control
✔️ Speed control
✔️ Gravity sensor If you want to get something that is primarily for snapping shots at strong HD quality, then this is for you



D2- High-tech Toy Store


High tech droneThe D2 is an ideal choice of drone for those who want a cool little high-hold RRC quadcopter that is perfect for kids to play with. It comes with a solid 10-minutes of battery and can often be controlled from as far as 100m in the distance. It’s got some great high-end features, including HD aerial photography as well as resistance to high air pressure. It also comes with an impressive real-time image return, so you can see exactly what it sees as you fly.

With simple control using Wi-Fi-active mobile devices, you can easily manage this drone from afar. It’s the perfect choice for a bit of night navigation, too, thanks to the included night navigation lights!

Some of the features:

✔️ 20 min flight time
✔️ Dual cameras
✔️ Battery rechargeable
✔️ Mobile APP
✔️ Gravitational induction

S32 Drone – 4K HD ESC Camera


Most popular dronWith an impressive 25-minutes or so of battery life, this is the ideal remote camera when you want to land a few snaps that you might not normally have got the chance to try out. That is why so many people enjoy this; it’s a solid drone that can come with (or without) a 480p/1080p/4K camera.

This allows you to get the shooting standard that you want for a fraction of the normal price. You can easily get this up in the air to make sure you can get the shots that you want, with a control distance of around 200m making sure you can head far off into the distance for special shots.

Some of the features:

✔️ 20 min flight time
✔️ Dual cameras
✔️ Battery rechargeable
✔️ Mobile APP
✔️ Gravitational induction

Eachine VISUO


Cheap drone- 4The Eachine VISUO is a fantastic choice of drone for anyone who wants something a touch more powerful. For the price that you pay, you get an excellent Wi-Fi controlled HD camera drone, with wide-angle shots and high-hold modes. With control of around 100m and a battery that can last around 10 minutes, you can use this to get a simple, stable flying experience that lets you get a wider look at the world around you. It’s a fine choice for those who want a 6-axis drone that is the ideal companion for any photographer.

A must-have when you need something that is smart, simple to use, and highly effective. The perfect starter drone for the price that you pay.

Some of the features:

✔️ Small size, easy to carry
✔️ Stable flight
✔️ APK system to take pictures and video
✔️ Easy to control
✔️ 2.4GHz Technology Adopted for Anti-Interference





Cheap drone 5The Laumox RC Drone is a fantastic choice of drone given it comes with a solid Wide Angle camera for nice, consistent shots. It’s got a nice HD camera and is easily controlled using Wi-Fi. The fact it’s so easy to fold away and the carrying case is a nice bonus, too, making it easy to carry around your drone with you as and when you choose.

This is the ideal choice for those who are just getting used to the idea of how to manage a drone. With an impressive 13-15 minutes or so of flight time, this is ideal for making sure you can get solid shots from angles you could not normally reach on your own.

Some of the features:

✔️ Wifi control
✔️ Dual camera
✔️ One-key taking off/landing
✔️ Headless mode
✔️ Altitude hold: provide convenient operation and stable flight, especially for beginners


Sound like what you are looking for, then? Take a look at each of these drones. All of them provide excellent introductions to the drone industry and should be a must-have for anyone looking for a serious start to drone tech. Each drone is a simple, affordable choice for helping you see why drone technology is the go-to product of the