Raising kids means finding awesome equipment and hardware that they can play with and learn from. If you are looking for some inspiration to help your kids become a bit more tech-savvy, here are some funny and/or educational robots to look at. Each one will help your kids to learn some vital skills, so you should definitely take a look if you want to help your little ones enjoy a much more harmonious life experience. How, then, can you help your kids to become more prepared using educational robot systems?

Small Six Robot


This 6-legged companion will be loved by kids – it’s like a little friend they can talk to all day. It gives them a little response and is able to express how it feels. This will help your child to work on their various skills, including their ability to work on their interaction with others. The fact that it responds makes it a companion that your little one can learn from, helping them to become far more in-tune with the wider world around them.



Electronic Pet Dog


Electronic-pet dogIf you want to get a dog around the house, getting an electronic pet dog is an ideal way to introduce your child to that dynamic. This interactive dog is made from high-quality fiber and cotton, and it can interact with your children with ease. Great for helping our children to have some fun and to interact with a dog that, when the real one arrives, will make the introduction of a dog into their life that bit easier to grasp.



Private Finance Advisor


Smart robot for kidsWhile you might not want to start teaching your kids about economics just yet, a small grounding is very useful. This awesome little RC robot is easily controlled and can give your child the help that they need to work on their money management with ease. It will help your children to educate themselves and to solve problems and tasks, helping your child to become better money-minded.
Great for future life!



Mechanical Arm


Robot mechanical armThis mechanical arm/claw is a fin choice for anyone who wants to help their children get into the mindset of being a mechanic from a young age. If they show a passion and an aptitude for such tools, then a device like this could go a long way to helping them develop and improve their skills. A great solution for helping your children to get some basic education on how mechanics work. Perfect for helping them begin learning about a potential career path.



SunFounder DIY 4

Dancing robot for kidsThe SunFounder is a wonderful learning kit that is a fun, educational toy to learn from. It’s also a high-end car that comes with a programmable set of functions, making it ideal for your children to educate themselves. This humanoid device will move around on both legs, and it can do all manner of gestures and movements. Great for easy coding education and for helping your child to grasp the very basics of machine programming.




So, what robot or device will you look for to give to your child this year? How will you help them to learn better than ever in 2019?